ADF challenges state AG over church warnings

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(OneNewsNow) A well-known legal firm is alleging that Hawaii’s attorney general is attempting to intimidate churches and charities during the election season.

Alliance Defending Freedom is alarmed after Russell Suzuki’s office released a press release that offered “guidance” for churches over permissible political activities.  (Read More)

The Shiite axis: Where a mission to destroy Israel is on full display

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(OneNewsNow) Lt. Col. (Res.) Sarit Zehavi is a former intelligence officer with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) within the IDF Northern Command and founder of the ALMA Research and Development Center. She recently provided OneNewsNow with an update about the challenges of security at Israel’s northern border. The northern border is shared by Syria and Lebanon.  (Read More)

InterVarsity Goes to Court . . . Again

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(Breakpoint) So it’s okay for Christian groups to require their leaders to be Christian, right? Or a Muslim group to demand that its leaders be Muslim? Well, not on some campuses.

I’m not one to go around quoting Karl Marx very often, but today I can’t resist. Marx once said that history repeats itself, “the first as tragedy, then as farce.”  (Read More)