High-brow writer confronts Christians and waffle fries

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(OneNewsNow) To date, four Chick-fil-A restaurants have opened in New York City, setting up a foot-stomping, couch-fainting article in The New Yorker by Dan Piepenbring, who is no fan of sweet tea.

Among a long list of complaints, Chick-fil-A’s burger-hating cows caught the writer’s attention – and not for the marketing genius of using beef critters to implore you to “Eat mor Chikin.”  (Read More)

Planned Parenthood Slams Trump’s Pro-Life Judicial Nominee Wendy Vitter: “She’s Disastrous” for Abortion

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(LifeNews) President Donald Trump has held true to his promise to nominate pro-life judges to key judicial roles.

One of his latest, Wendy Vitter, a strong pro-life advocate, is up for a seat on the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana. The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to consider her confirmation Wednesday.  (Read More)

Sugihara’s Holocaust Survivors

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(Breakpoint) Many of us have seen the Academy Award-winning film “Schindler’s List,” about how one courageous man rescued thousands of Jews from the Nazis. But there are dozens and dozens of lesser-known stories, including one of a man who led the second largest rescue of Jews during the Nazi era.  (Read More)

Court Upholds President Trump’s Decision to Overturn Obama Abortion Mandate

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(LifeNews) The Trump administration won an initial victory for religious freedom in court this week when a federal judge allowed its religious exemptions to the Obamacare abortion mandate to stand.

Massachusetts and several other states challenged the Trump administration last year after it provided relief from the Obamacare birth control mandate by granting wider exceptions to religious groups.  (Read More)

Is Country Music Going the Way of the NFL?

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(FRC) Through all of the cultural ups and downs, country music has always been a place conservatives felt welcome. While so many other celebrities started picking up activist causes and shaming fans who held Christian beliefs, American could always count on Nashville to stay true to their values (or at least tolerate them). Not anymore.  (Read More)